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Italian confetti is made up of almonds, encased in a crunchy sugar or chocolate coating, often with different flavours that taste of fruit, cappuccino, tiramisu and many, many more.

Italian confetti are also known as sugar almonds, Jordan almonds, peladilla or dagrees. They are thought to originate in ancient Rome, where honey covered almonds were introduced by a Roman confectioner.


When sugar became more readily available in the 15th century, confetti took the current form.


All our confetti are high quality with a smooth crispy shell, large almonds and thin sugar coating. 



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Confetti are traditionally offered in important family events. However, confetti should be seen first and foremost as a delicious daily treat.

For instance, at weddings, white confetti is provided as a gift - and always an odd number as a group - and represents health, wealth, happiness, abundance and longevity.

For important wedding anniversaries, Italians love to send silver or gold confetti to mark these occasions.


Light blue or pink confetti are used for baptisms, green are given to celebrate engagements, and red for graduations.


But in general, confetti are used to celebrate baby showers, first communions, confirmations, and many other family  ceremonies, keeping the tradition of happiness and abundance.


Recently, it has become popular to provide the "confettata" at weddings for the guests, where assorted confetti in various colors and tastes are packaged and provided as a gift.

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